MLA Board

With the increase in the projects that the MLA has taken on , we are looking for people that care about the lake and may be interested in joining our Board. With new board members we can get new ideas and perspectives that will make the MLA a stronger organization. Please contact one of the board members listed in this newsletter, if you are interested in joining our board. You do not need any previous experience, just a genuine interest in the preservation of the great natural resource that we have in Lake Minnewaska. Everyone is welcome to join.
Thank you for past and future support of the Minnewaska Lake Association.
Mike Stai, MLA President

Mike Stai, President 320-424-0384
Mary Krueger, Secretary 320-424-1958
Jan Jensen, Treasurer 320-491-0418
Fred Anderson, Membership 320-239-4236
Tony Carlson, Banquet Coordinator 320-334-4171
Karen Warren, Advertising 612-670-7316
Tina Struck, Web Master 320-247-2712
Terry Duhn, Thrivent Coordinator 320-292-1668
Dean Beck, DNR 320-634-7323
Bill Anderson 320-634-4489
Steve Pike 952-239-9865
Bill Kyvig 320-239-4151
Don Sack 320-634-5960
Chris Johnson 320-219-1147
Jerry Kirvliet 320-239-4890
Dave Gross 507-227-3776
Nancy Koep 320-634-4660
Denise Razink 320-239-2293
Mike Nemmers 320-424-0368