Walleye Stocking

The MLA released about 40,000 walleye fingerlings, in October 2020.

The Minnewaska Lake Association (MLA) gave the walleye population in Lake Minnewaska a boost last week by stocking another 40,000 fingerling walleyes. The fish were released at various points around the lake, according to MLA President Mike Stai. This is the 14th year MLA has been stocking fingerlings and in that time has released about 700,000 walleye fingerlings (six to eight-inches) into the lake. MLA also sprayed for milfoil again this year in its on-going program to stop the spread of that invasive species. Because there was no banquet this year due to COVID-19, MLA encourages residents to send in their memberships and “appreciates any donations the group can get to continue its work improving Lake Minnewaska,” Stai said. To become a member or to donate, visit mlalake.org.

2020 Walleye Release